“‘No way’ was my first reaction when I got the call,” Usher told Vogue of how he took the news that he’ll be performing at next year’s Super Bowl, with the public announcement being made last week. Relaxing in a plush booth at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée, he’s also quickly become the talk of Paris Fashion Week, attending shows by Marni and Balenciaga. “I feel very happy to be able to have this moment here,” he said. “I could have never predicted the Super Bowl, and today being a day of celebration on my son’s birthday and me actually launching the news to the world on my daughter’s birthday, it’s just been a week of a lot of unexpected incredible moments.”

He did anticipate that something good would be on the horizon tonight, though, as the House of Creed invited him to be the star of their first-ever party in the City of Light, which brought out a who’s who of guests. Erykah Badu and Pharrell Williams swirled through the gilded dining room, Jenna Lyons and Daniel Lee arrived in time for cocktail hour, while Precious Lee and Christian Combs lit up the afterparty. “They were like, ‘We want to celebrate you,’ and I was like, ‘Oh my God—amazing,” Usher shared of his conversation with House of Creed, who he first struck up a relationship with thanks to an introduction from Bianca Saunders after he wore the designer to this year’s Met Gala.

“It’s no secret that Usher is an arbiter of style and taste,” said Thomas Saujet, CEO of international cosmetics and perfumes. He notes that the evening came about partly after meeting Usher at a dinner—and when the musician noticed the scent of the house’s buzzed-about next fragrance on Saujet, he asked if he could keep it. “In the end, he left the dinner with the only sample vial I had,” Saujet admits. As an homage to this moment, guests were gifted the first bottles of their shared scent, Absolu Aventus, ahead of its release next month. And just in time, really: “I’m about down to a centimeter of it,” Usher said, with a laugh, of what’s left of the tiny sample vial.

Soon, guests were flitting across the hall to a private ballroom for Rémy Martin cocktails and dancing, with remarks of it being the party of the season—and the first time many were invited to cross the historic venue’s VIP velvet ropes. “I just want to be around positive people—to at least give them room to have no option but to be,” said Usher, admiring the crowd that would continue to celebrate into the small hours of the morning. “You’re as great as the company that you keep.”


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