NEW YORK — Ultrasuede is returning to Interwoven for the November 2023 show and introducing a color palette that nods to the company’s sustainability focus in its latest collection.

Toray Industries Inc., makers of Ultrasuede HP high-performance fabric, will showcase the line’s latest hues in the “Into the Woods” collection at Interwoven, Nov. 14-16, in High Point. Company officials said the new color theme aptly reflects the brand’s focus on sustainability.

Fourteen complementary shades are included in the biophilic-themed color story, ranging from the lightest, a cream-based Tapioca to Coffee Bean, a rich, dark brown. Additional colors featured are: Tea Rose, a subtle mauve; Sunflower, a soft gold; and a series of plant-inspired hues featuring Laurel, Basil and Lotus Green. Representatives added that a Regal Blue hue punctuates the otherwise earthy tones to offer a visual point of contrast.

Earlier this year, Toray announced an increase in plant-based components used in Ultrasuede HP, to approximately 30% of its total composition with the subsequent addition of plant-based polyurethane. The polyurethane is composed of polyol made from the non-edible castor-oil plant (Ricinus communis). In 2015, Toray began incorporating partially plant-based polyester in the production of its high-performance material, using polyester polymerized with ethylene glycol made from waste molasses in sugarcane processing, which then accounted for approximately 14% of the total material composition.

Company officials said that Ultrasuede is the world’s first non-woven suede material manufactured this way, a result of the company’s commitment to innovation. By continuing its investment in sustainability-driven R&D, Toray is committed to developing a 100% plant-based material for its next generation, eco-luxury material.

The non-woven construction of Ultrasuede HP material makes it inherently stain-, moisture- and fade-resistant, setting it apart in the high-performance upholstery material category. Breathable, with a similar structure to animal hides, this leather-alternative material exceeds 200,000 double rubs in independent testing.

Toray’s Ultrasuede brand is returning to Interwoven after a break this spring. To make an appointment for the event or to learn more for residential and commercial upholstered furniture applications, contact Helen Brier, Ultrasuede sales and marketing manager, at [email protected].

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