Suits, the strangely addictive legal drama that made a star of Meghan Markle long before she became the Duchess of Sussex, has been experiencing something of a renaissance of late. Since landing on Netflix in June, the slick procedural has broken a string of records to become the most streamed show of the summer, fueling rumors that a new revival could be in the works. In July, the series’s executive producer, Gene Klein, told TVLine that he was “not aware of any serious conversations” about a potential reboot, but added, “It’s just one of those things where, in this day and age, you wouldn’t be surprised if somebody called you someday. But so far, nothing that I’m aware of. I’d be surprised if we could thread that needle for a reunion, but I’d also be delighted if that happened.” In August, series creator Aaron Korsh weighed in too, saying: “There is no Suits reboot or anything in the works. The strike would have to end, some network or streamer would have to reach out and then we would have to collectively want to. Which is no small thing…”

It isn’t, certainly, and although the WGA strike has lifted, SAG-AFTRA’s dispute with studios is far from over. However, it seems some progress has been made on this front: on October 12, Deadline reported that Korsh is now in development on a “Suits offshoot.” Although deals are apparently still being negotiated, sources suggest that the project could be fast-tracked, and while this won’t be a revival, reboot, or spin-off, strictly speaking, it’s said to be “a Suits universe series in the vein of the CSI and NCIS franchises featuring new characters in a new location.” The location currently being considered, per the publication? Los Angeles, a commutable distance from Meghan and Harry’s Montecito home.

When asked if the former star, who departed Suits after Season 7, around the time that she first met Prince Harry, could return in the role of whip-smart attorney Rachel Zane, Klein said, “I would assume that’s just not possible.” So, not an unequivocal no, then? Indeed, when Meghan signed with William Morris Endeavor for representation in April of this year, it was made clear that the deal would not include repping her for her acting, but instead focus on spearheading her business and creative ventures across film and TV production. But, much has changed in the six months since: Meghan and Harry have parted ways with Spotify and ended their Archetypes podcast, and are reportedly rethinking their existing deals to find better homes and partnerships for their content. In this moment of flux, would a small cameo on the upcoming show be completely and totally out of the question? In a world where Kim Cattrall can make a (far too) brief appearance on And Just Like That, I truly believe that anything is possible.


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