HIGH POINT — Like the old Spanish adage referencing the cobbler’s children who have no shoes, our home furnishings editors are often so busy reporting about the industry that they ignore their own homes while pursuing stories about product, people, markets and business.

With that in mind and just for fun, we asked our team what’s on their own personal consumer horizon for home. Here’s what they said:

Bill McLouglin, editor in chief, Furniture Today

Rugs, wall décor and a classically styled credenza to serve as a television display unit, not just a stand but something that encompasses storage for media. Area rugs for dining room and runners for several hallways. It would be great to find something classic in style but with refreshed, modern colorways. Prints, multi-media art and even classic framed art are all on my radar to refresh the living room and dining room.

Vicky Jarrett, managing editor, Furniture Today

The next two big things on our list are a refrigerator and sofa. Make that three: a new mattress, too.

Thomas Lester, retail editor, Furniture Today

While most of my home furnishings are either relatively new or in pretty good shape, I think the next thing I might be interested in is a nicer patio set. I’ve got a bit more outside space and having something attractive and durable would really make it that much better.

Bobby Dalheim, senior editor, Furniture Today

A mattress. As new parents, my wife and I are struggling to get sleep as it is, and our 15-year-old mattress isn’t helping matters. I’m not sure of the kind yet and haven’t looked into it too much. But we could really use something soon. Anything to get more sleep!

Sheila Long O’Mara, executive editor, Furniture Today

  1. Lumber to build a pergola.
  2. Three decent-sized watercolors for the great room.
  3. A pet-friendly, teenager-friendly, yet nice looking sofa, for the bonus room.

Andrea Lillo, managing editor, Designers Today

I just ordered a new exhaust fan for my bathroom because the first new one was a dud. But that’s not exciting. I renovated my bathroom this summer, and – now that I’ve recovered from that – I’m going to tackle my kitchen next. It’s a galley kitchen. I’ll be replacing my cabinets, countertops, refrigerator, range, microwave and flooring, as well as adding a dishwasher (I’m currently the dishwasher).

Anne Flynn Wear, assistant managing editor, Home Accents Today

We are looking for a few new rugs for the dining room and kitchen area as our next home purchase. The rugs we have are several decades old at this point.

Cindy Hodnett, executive editor, Home Accents Today and Designers Today

An industrial strength, smaller-scale, island-vibe sofa for the sunroom that will hold up to 6’3” body types AND fit the year-round summer aesthetic at the same time. It’s a tough ask!

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