When I heard that no less a Taylor Swift stan than Beyoncé had turned up to celebrate the release of the Eras Tour film at Los Angeles fixture The Grove this week, I resolved not to be long behind her. Sure, I couldn’t get myself into the celebrity-studded shenanigans at The Grove, but I could certainly pick a different movie-theater-in-a-mall (the Americana, specifically) and have myself some thoughts, all while enjoying the pleasures of a near-empty daytime showing.

Without further ado, here are the 35 thoughts I had at my 12:30 p.m. screening of The Eras Tour:

  1. God, I should have anticipated this, but the other people seeing this movie at noon on a Friday are very clearly high schoolers cutting class.
  2. Mega-charmed, despite myself, by Taylor kicking off the show with “Oh, hi!”
  3. Okay, it’s been five minutes and I’ve already been transported to another world, and am regretting the fact that I didn’t have the money or moral fortitude required to nab Eras tickets.
  4. Hey, Taylor said “Los Angeles”! That’s me, specifically!
  5. So much of this woman’s job must involve the exhausting work of being nice to other people’s children.
  6. Wait, this took place at the SoFi stadium? I guess that’s the only place in LA that can accommodate Peak Taylor.
  7. I want a sequined silver blazer.
  8. It would work for Taylor and Beyoncé concerts!
  9. Okay, enough rationalizing.
  10. Aw, heart hands!
  11. “LA, are you ready to go back to high school with me?” NO!!!!!
  12. Okay, “You Belong With Me” does go pretty hard, especially when Taylor acknowledges that many of its fans are 30 now. (Including me.)
  13. All these women in the audience look so much happier than me :/
  14. Then again, that’s probably how I looked at the MUNA concert on Wednesday 🙂
  15. Evermore era just hit!
  16. I need someone on TikTok to educate me at length about Taylor’s moss piano.
  17. Okay, this mustard corset dress is major (not a sentence I ever expected to write).
  18. Do Taylor’s bangs change once per era, or am I seeing things?
  19. Should I get a one-legged sequin catsuit like Taylor’s for Halloween that I gradually just phase into everyday wear?
  21. I’m humiliatingly dancing in my seat.
  22. Thank God I’m alone in the back row.
  23. Oh no, I’m identifying way more with the moms than the daughters in the audience.
  24. Is this how aging comes for you? Slowly, then all at once, at the Eras Tour movie?
  25. Oh, thank God, “22” is on to distract me from my mortality.
  26. Another sparkly little jumpsuit I want!
  27. Would a tiny sequined cape look good on me?
  28. Sorry, okay, no more fashion reverie.
  29. This slide-slash-roof Taylor is perching on looks terrifying, but then again, I’m a known coward about heights.
  30. Folklore cabin 🙂
  31. When Taylor said “August slipped away like a bottle of wine,” she meant it. (Literally how is it mid-October?)
  32. Sequin Watch: Now Taylor’s backup dancers are wearing long, glittery black coats I covet.
  33. Aw, I can see multiple people crying in the audience.
  34. OMG, “Shake It Off”!
  35. Okay, now I’m one of the crying people.


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