The best makeup organizer will do wonders for even the most extensive cosmetic collections. As much as I try to live like Marie Kondo, I always find my bathroom shelves and cabinets looking more like a mini Sephora after an earthquake rather than the clutter-free, pristine powder room I aspire to have. I’ve debated getting rid of everything, but for some reason, I feel the need to have every shade of highlighter, lipstick, and blush known to man. So to keep my arsenal of cosmetics neat and tiny, I rely on a few beauty organizers.

Searching for the best makeup organizers, you’ll find there’s really something for everyone. From acrylic tubes designed to help makeup brushes stand upright on display to woven canisters that add warmth to my bathroom. I’ve even discovered beautiful leather pouches and toiletry bags. Honorable mention also goes to the classic hard-case Caboodles kit. Vogue senior beauty editor Lauren Valenti recently used the hero organizer to help her edit down her makeup collection. “In tandem with my desire to live more simply and sustainably, this relic of my childhood was quickly catalyzing a long-overdue, very adult lifestyle change,” says Valenti.

All these and more ideas to spruce up and declutter your bathroom cabinets and drawers, below.

The Best Makeup Organizers, According to Vogue

Travel Cases

For those who prefer to catch flights, not feelings, a travel case is the easiest way to keep everything organized and intact when on the go. After all, there’s nothing worse than not being able to find your lipsticks or realizing that your foundation bottle has cracked, leaking over your new cashmere sweater. We prefer a travel case that is spacious enough to fit everything you need for a night out, with a handle for easy transportation and various internal compartments to keep everything secured in one place.


From our favorite conscious luggage and case-maker, this see-through pouch is quite chic and can be monogrammed when ordered directly from Paravel.


Some cosmetic cases can become awfully bulky, making it hard to pack, especially if you’re limited to a carry-on. This one from Beis has a top handle that lays flat to prevent damage and can easily fit into your bag, much like a game of Tetris.

Etoile Collective

For many of us, a vanity case does the trick to organize our makeup collection—particularly for those frequently on the go. Featuring two compartments with a removable divider insert, this has room for all your essentials.


A logo-adorned makeup bag is perhaps the chicest way to organize your makeup collection. Gucci’s zip-around case features a top handle to reach for it with ease.


Vanity cases are great, but they can often be bulky or too big for a quick overnight getaway or for storage in your tote or gym bag. Enter pouches: lightweight, convenient, and with so many cute options available (many from our favorite bag designers), it’s easy to find one that feels uniquely you.


This handwoven cosmetic bag is not only beautiful; it’s water-resistant and has a nylon lining that makes it super easy to clean—stains are inevitable when it comes to toting makeup around.

Dagne Dover

If you like pouches but hate that everything gets thrown together, this one from Dagne Dover has interior elastic loops and mesh pockets to keep everything in place. Plus, did we mention that it’s water-resistant?

Stoney Clover Lane

A clear front makeup pouch makes it easier than ever to find everything you need, especially when you’re getting ready in a time crunch (a situation we find ourselves in far too often).


Le Foulonné Cosmetics Case

We love Longchamp for their classic designs, and this makeup case is no different—lightly textured leather in black or navy that you’re proud to bring around with you.

Vanity Counters

When applying makeup, it helps to have everything organized so that you can easily experiment with new looks or always have your favorite lipstick shade and blush within reach. After all, it’s easy for products to pile up in chaotic disarray without a vanity counter to organize and separate them. Whether you prefer a rotating display case or everything neatly stacked and compartmentalized, there’s a beauty organizer for you out there.


If you find it easier to swivel towards your products, consider this organizer over its acrylic drawer counterparts.


Bellwood Cosmetic Organizer

Consider this a structural tower suitable for any bathroom spa—designed with a removable cup and wooden handle to tidy any chaotic vanity.

Joseph Joseph

A cosmetic organizer that features a removable mirror will be a gamechanger for someone liable to get ready anywhere and everywhere around the home.

West Elm

Cascada Cosmetic Organizer

For a modern take on the swivel organizer, look no further than Umbra’s Cascada design. Through two stackable compartments and nine removable dividers, this allows one to easily find—and store—what they are looking for.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn’s Stella organizer gives any cosmetics enthusiast the best of both worlds: ample open space to keep your products on display and a spacious drawer to tuck precious items away.

West Elm

The Umbra Moona Storage Box combines the convenience of its three individually rotating drawers with a modern, minimalist design for an all-around great cosmetics storage solution.

Brush Holder

Ah, brushes, the unsung heroes of most makeup routines. They deserve to be organized too, especially considering the amount of grime and dust they’d collect lying flat on your vanity. We love a good brush organizer as it keeps them upright and also doubles as a drying tool for when you give them a good wash. But if you don’t want something as obvious (read: acrylic), we’re also partial to a beautiful cup holder.


Makeup Beauty Brush Organizer

Wave goodbye to that messy bundle of makeup brushes when you swap in this organizer and drying stand that keeps finding your next tool simple.


Circe Makeup Brush Holder

This hand-painted porcelain brush holder also serves as a showpiece on your vanity—consider it a two-in-one where fashion meets function.


Organize all of your brushes in a tidy line with this acrylic organizer—larger holes in the front, smaller holes in the back, like students lining up for a picture on picture day. And it’s not limited to brushes; you can also fit in your tweezers, lip glosses, nail files, and more.


To truly upgrade your travel organization, consider getting a makeup brush holder. It keeps everything organized, preventing your foundation brushes and eyeshadows from getting jumbled together in the bottomless pit that is your suitcase.

Standing Organizer

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you realize that you’ve acquired too many beauty items. Now, the course of action is to either purge them (chances are, many of them are expired) or to get a standing organizer because you simply need the extra room. These organizers are also helpful if you want to keep all of your skin and hair items in one convenient place.

PB Teen

That person who owns piles upon piles of cosmetic goodies will love a standing beauty tower to keep skin, makeup, and body products organized.

PB Teen

The best thing about this standing organizer meets vanity is that it has both a mirror and wheels, allowing you to roll it over to whichever area in your house has the best lighting for getting ready.


This classic design piece isn’t technically meant for beauty products but it’ll do the job wonderfully.


For beauty-lovers with a lot of products to store, a rolling cart with four tiers is a great option—plus, we love the mobility.


If you prefer to keep your beauty items in a drawer, trays are an easy way to keep things organized and out of sight. Alternatively, you can buy ones you’re proud to display and set everything atop them on your vanity. The size you choose really depends on what you’re looking to store, but thankfully, many come with an assortment of sizes, so you’re free to play around with it.


The container store offers all sorts of modular pieces to outfit your drawers to your beauty and skin-care needs.


Undecided about how much storage you’ll really need? Each set of Ravinte’s drawer organizers comes with 13 storage bins in five different sizes.


If you like to keep things at eye level (it’s really easy to forget what you own), this neon acrylic tray looks great on your vanity and comes in two sizes.


This bamboo organizer will beautifully display your beauty staples atop any dresser, desk, or surface.


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